This morning we walked down to Flaunt on Bridge Road for a very late and lazy breakfast. I don’t like coffee but Adam swears it’s the best he’s ever had. 

Adam had [on the left] the Open Piggy omelette with cured ham hock, gruyere cheese and rosemary (plus a hash brown on the side). I stole some of his omelette and instantly regretted my choice. It was delicious! Cheese was tough and stringy but just to the right standard and the ham was cooked just right. 

I was feeling picky this morning so got their standard eggs benedict and substituted the ham for smoked salmon and added a serving of avocado [on the right]. I’m being very picky by saying this - but if you’re going to serve beautiful sourdough at the bottom of a dish, please give me a knife that can cut through the sourdough - a butter knife will not do. The hollandaise was delish (and I can be quite particular about my hollandaise). 

Overall it was a nice experience, it’s not a huge cafe and with people coming in and out getting takeaway coffees it can get pretty busy. We would have gotten another coffee / drink if someone had asked but they were pretty busy so we just left. 

Will definitely be back as it’s so close to our place and the coffee is apparently something to shout about. 

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Saturday, 21 of September, 2013